2500+ Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers In 2022 For Friendship and Timepass

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Girls Whatsapp Number -Are you also alone and you need real girls phone number list 2022 to talk to so that you can also entertain yourself and overcome your loneliness then your search is over because in this article of ours you will get real numbers of beautiful girls from whom You can talk wholeheartedly and share your sorrows and pains with real girls and you will also be able to be friends with us.
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Girls WhatsApp Number

Girls Whatsapp Number-Some girls are given their age and their numbers in the list below, but those numbers are not given, if you want the full number, then you can click on the link in front of him to get the full number and talk to him with love. Huh. If for some reason you do not get the number on that gender, then you can also fill the second number TRAI. In this list, you can also message any girl on WhatsApp, this is a list of those lovely girls with whom you will not think at all and if you make friends with them very soon, then take the full number and put your mind Let’s start talking.

Girls Whatsapp number

Name: Maya
Mobile Number: +910965747 number
Location: Bhopal
Status: Single Mobile

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Name: Garima 
Mobile Number: +9188766full number
Location: Chandni Chowk
Status: single

Real girls Whatsapp number

Name: Aruna 
Mobile Number: +9178567full number
Location: Khandala Mumbai
Status: Single
Interested In: Dating

How to talk with girls on WhatsApp

Whatever numbers will be given to you in this article, you will not disturb them nor will you make me medicine to talk to. You cannot do any kind of misbehavior with the girl, otherwise you will have to bear the blame yourself. You have to talk to the girl very politely and talk without abusing only then the girl will agree to talk to you. You cannot send dirty things to any girl who has taken a message forcibly. First of all, if you want to talk to the girl, you will say hi hello to her, after that if you want, you can send some poetry etc. Start talking like this and make her fall in your love.

Name: Deepika
Mobile Number: +9186856full number
Location: Agra
Status: single
Interested In: true love

Name: Swati
Mobile Number: +9178274full numbers
Location: Jaipur
Status: single
Interested In: Friendship only

Ladki ka number

Name: Mitali Singal
Mobile Number: +9197119full number
Location: Punjab
Status: Single
Interested In: Online dirty Chatting

Ladki ka number-With the girl’s number phone number given to you, you can rise above caste and religion through WhatsApp, say sweet things to people and remove your loneliness, click on the link in front to get the full number and wait for 10 so that you yourself You will get the number yourself, if for some reason you simply do not get the number, then you can try another number.

Name Age Mobile Number Full Mobile Number
Meghana Gupta 21 709089****  पूरा नंबर 
Nisha Singh 18  733***9089  पूरा नंबर 
Parul Sharma 33 63924**471  पूरा नंबर 
Raveena Yadav 24 73****8959  पूरा नंबर 
Raksha Kumari 25 807714***9  पूरा नंबर 
Shanaya Chaudhary 19 73**768590  पूरा नंबर 
Sneha Singal 29 809867***  पूरा नंबर 
Tamanna Verma 22 63****9870  पूरा नंबर 
Upasna vasist 32 827469****  पूरा नंबर 
Vedhika Talvar 21 730085***7  पूरा नंबर 

Girls Whatsapp numbers

Girls whatsapp numbers-This is a list of some more girls numbers with which you can talk sweetly about your mind and remove your loneliness, click on the link in front to get girls numbers for friendship numbers and wait 10 seconds for your That number will be added automatically in the mobile, if for some reason it does not happen, then you can try another link.

Name Age Mobile Number Full Mobile Number Link
Aarohi VErma 19 73****786  पूरा नंबर
Advika Gupta 22 80889***8  पूरा नंबर 
Bhavna Sharma 25 70675*****  पूरा नंबर
Avni CHaturvedi 28 828632***  पूरा नंबर 
Chaaya Kumari 22 95*****656  पूरा नंबर 
Chandani Rana 29 918757*****  पूरा नंबर 
Chavvi rajan 32 7085357***  पूरा नंबर 
Divya kumari 19 8087685***  पूरा नंबर 
Deepa Baghel 23 63865******  पूरा नंबर 
FaizaKhan 21 9588*******  पूरा नंबर 
Girls Whatsapp numbers

Ladki ka number chahie

Name: Pooja Kataria
Mobile Number: +9186686full number
Location: Amritsar
Status: Single
Interested In: Online Chatting


Ladki ka number chahie-And you also want the number of girls, then you can click on any given link and take full number of girls, we will not give full number here, if you want to get full number then you can take number by clicking on the link in front

Name Age Mobile Number Full Mobile Number Link
Geetika Bansal 22 8087612***  पूरा नंबर 
Gaurangi Parashar 25 7099**776*  पूरा नंबर 
Gautami Parmar 27 73985**7**  पूरा नंबर 
Hema Tomar 29 63****7658  पूरा नंबर 
Isha Mishra 22 9578964***  पूरा नंबर 
Ikshita Pndit 24 8098426***  पूरा नंबर 
Jeevika Lochav 25 73**98756*  पूरा नंबर 
Khushi Chaudhary 23 8097**97**  पूरा नंबर 
Lolita  22 7398789***  पूरा नंबर 
Mahika Kumari 28 63**8967**  पूरा नंबर 
Ladki ka number chahie

Muslim Girls WhatsApp Numbers

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Name Age Phone number Full Number
Aatifa Sherwani 21 73**89623* पूरा नंबर Click Here
Faiza Khan 28 82236**9** पूरा नंबर Click Here
Nadira Ali 32 80******756  पूरा नंबर Click Here
Zaara Mansoor 18 63*********  पूरा नंबर Click Here
Eimaan Kadri 19 92******654  पूरा नंबर Click Here
Muslim Girls WhatsApp Numbers

Click Here For Pakistani Girls WhatsApp numbers

Delhi girls

Since then, girls everywhere in India are beautiful, but the girls of Delhi, the matter of Delhi girls is something else, the girls of Delhi are very beautiful and intelligent. Today we have brought for you the list of some such beautiful girls names of Delhi girls whatsapp number, call girl list, girls whatsapp number, call girls number, call girl mobile, number call girl ka, Numbers with which you can chat and overcome your loneliness This is some list of Indian Girls WhatsApp Numbers Girls WhatsApp Numbers that you can talk and overcome your loneliness.

Girls mobile number for friendship

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ladkiyon ke number

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Friends, in the end, we would just like to say that if you want, you can call any girl or join on WhatsApp, for friendship, you just have to take care of one thing, do not forcefully message or call the girl because it is a punishable offence if the girl refuses to be friends with you, then you delete her number and try on another girl, thank you very much.


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